Test API requests

Using Insomnia
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Suchitra Giri

Suchitra Giri


Step-by-step instructions

Step 1
Create an Insomnia account
  • Go to Insomnia website and press Get started for free. Although there are different plans such as Individual, Team, and Free, in this guide, we go will go with a free plan
  • Press "Download App" button under "Free, $0" plan. Then press "Download Insomnia" to get an Insomnia version for your OS
  • If you select a paid account, you will need to provide payment details and team size, then confirm
Step 4
Create a Request
Step 5
Send a test Request to your API

If all goes fine and your request is successfully received, you will see a “200” status code, meaning "Success". You just interacted with the server using an API call. In this case, we got JSON data back from the server, which you can see on the right-hand side preview section.

The result

API request collection and a test API call

One or more API requests organized into a request collection.

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