Get Twitter tweets via RSS

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Suchitra Giri

Suchitra Giri


You will need

RSS Client

An RSS client such as Raven for desktop and web; NewsBlur or Aggregator for Android or NetNewsWire for iOS.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1
Construct your RSS link

Go to RSSHub docs. Jump to the left-hand side in Route's social media section and review basic information about how RSSHub works. We will use a test instance for the purposes of this guide. copy the “” URL and replace the “username” with any Twitter username with which you want to test. Note: Here we are using the username “googlecloud” to get tweets from the Google Cloud account

Step 2
Test your RSS feed

Follow the feed and also check whether it is reflecting correctly from the Twitter account or not. We use Feedly as our RSS reader for the purposes of this guide. If you want to know to get notified and want that username feed, then, follow the feed by pressing the “Follow” button. After pressing first, you have to create a feed section for categories of your feed which you want to follow. Note: Here we have created a feed section “Test Feed” Now, after following the particular feed, you will see in the left section all feeds are present which you follow.

The result

RSS feed with tweets from a Twitter account

A feed with tweets from an individual Twitter account that you can subscribe to using RSS

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